Vision and Reading

Vision is the prerequisite for reading. Poor vision skills lead to poor reading skills. Studies show that deficiencies in binocular vision, accommodation, oculomotor control, visual information processing and/or visual integrative abilities can lead to a significant handicap in learning abilities.

At Clarendon Vision Development Center​​​​​​​, we correct vision dysfunctions that lead to poor reading and learning abilities. When our patients learn how to control their visual system with more efficiency, they improve in reading and learning abilities as well.

The following questions are designed to help you determine whether or not your child may have a vision dysfunction that is affecting their ability to read and learn. If you answer “sometimes” or “yes,” to any of these questions, please call our office to schedule a developmental vision evaluation.

​​​​​​​1. Do you have concerns about your child’s reading abilities?
2. Does your child skip lines/words when reading?
3. Does your child struggle keeping their attention centered on reading?
4. Does your child have better comprehension when someone reads to him or her?
5. Is homework a struggle?
6. Does your child have difficulty completing assignments in a reasonable amount of time?
7. Do you have concerns with your child’s reversals of letters/numbers?
8. Do you have concerns about your child’s handwriting skills?
9. Does your child have frequent headaches or eye discomfort while reading or doing homework?
10. Does your child have trouble with motion sickness during trips in the car?

Our Vision & Reading Treatment includes:

  • Visual Processing development

  • Oculomotor therapy

  • Accommodation “focusing” development

  • Binocular vision therapy

  • Visual imagery therapy

  • Dynamic visual based reading program

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