Welcome to Clarendon Vision Development Center​​​​​​​

Our patients come to us for a variety of reasons. One common thread is that through the right specialty vision exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan, patients receive the answers that they have been long searching for.

About Us

Clarendon Vision Development Center is Chicagoland’s leader in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental vision disorders. As a specialized, developmental optometry practice, our doctors diagnose and treat children and adults when problems with the visual system contribute to:

  • struggles with reading and learning

  • experiences of neurological symptoms like dizziness or headaches

  • disease of the eyes (myopia) that cause blurry distance vision (nearsightedness)

About Us

Our Clinic

Our clinic is fully equipped to provide comprehensive eye health and advanced visual performance assessments. This may include:

  • Functional Vision Exams

  • Visual Perceptual Evaluations

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness) Evaluations

  • Binocular Vision Assessments

  • Post-Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Examinations

  • Pediatric and Special Needs Vision Examinations

Our Promise

At Clarendon Vision Development Center​​​​​​​, our priority is to successfully treat our patients and assure they will not be held back from challenges associated with their vision. Our team is committed to comprehensively testing, diagnosing, and treating each person in a patient-first environment. We provide highly customized and trusted treatment programs that unlock each patient’s fullest potential.

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The right vision exam can make all the difference.

About Us
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