Primary Eyecare

Experience the Difference in our Primary Eyecare.

We are a full-service, specialty optometry practice that also sees patients for comprehensive ​​​​​​​eyecare. Your exam experience, however, will be far from just a routine eye exam.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach to primary eyecare is rooted in our advanced clinical training and understanding of the visual system and its development. This means that the patient experiences a more thorough eye exam, including a screening that assesses the skill levels of how the visual system functions. Assessing these skills is crucial because it will identify whether the patient has any reduced visual performance that interferes with school, work or other daily activities. If a visual deficiency is identified, this assessment also helps determine the most appropriate next steps to care and treatment.

In addition, we invest the time to learn about our patients and their visual needs. We evaluate eye health using the latest technologies to give our patients the most comfortable experience and our doctors the most comprehensive vision and eye health data allowing for individualized, effective treatment.

What to Expect from Our Comprehensive Eye Exams?

Our comprehensive eye exams will evaluate for:

functional visual skills (how efficiently your eyes work together for optimal performance in work, school and daily life).

the impact of near work and/or the use of digital devices (leading to dry eyes, retinal eye health, eye strain and headaches) on your visual performance.

the potential of myopia (nearsightedness) development in children; early intervention may prevent or delay the onset of myopia.


the most appropriate intervention for existing myopia (nearsightedness) to prevent further worsening of eyesight.


risks for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and retina disease.

eye complications

eye complications from other health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol.


your glasses prescription for optimal visual performance and comfort.

contact lenses

your contact lens fitting and prescription as an alternative to glasses.

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The right vision exam can make all the difference.

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