Strabismus Treatment (Cross or Turned Eye)

Strabismus is a failure of binocular vision, in which a child or adult is unable to properly team and align their eyes together. As a result, an eye will appear to wander out of alignment. What’s worse is the impact an eye turn has on vision.

​​​​​​​One approach to correct the problem is eye muscle surgery, which results in the cosmetic realignment of the eyes after one or multiple operations. However, even though the eyes appear to be straight after surgery, the brain still doesn’t know how to properly team the eyes together, binocularly. As a result, the brain will continue to suppress vision out of one eye, which leads to poor depth perception and stereo blindness.

At Clarendon Vision Development Center​​​​​​​, our advanced Strabismus treatment protocols allow most patients with strabismus to attain binocular vision, including depth perception. When surgery is indicated, we work with ophthalmologists who specialize in strabismus surgery and co-manage the patient’s care before and after surgery.

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