Toys and Games that Support Good Vision

Toys and Games that Support Good Vision

Did you know that there are many children’s toys that support and help develop good visual skills? Good visual skills are essential for reading and learning. We’d love to share our list with you!

Toys that support good vision include toys that emphasize small-motor, eye movement skills, as well as toys that require larger gross-motor skills and visual perceptual skills.

Here are some suggested toys and games, divided by age range. Remember, though, children grow and develop at different rates. The age ranges are meant to be a general guideline. Many older children still enjoy playing with toys that are designed for younger ages, and some young children are ready for more advanced activities sooner than others of similar age. Follow your instincts when selecting toys and games for your children. We hope you find our suggestions useful.

Birth—24 Months

  • Smart Toss (Learning Resources)

  • Grimm’s Beads Grasper

  • Mega BloksÒ

  • Stack & Sort Board (Melissa & Doug)

  • Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle

  • Maxville Activity Center (Alex Toys)

  • Little Tikes Activity Garden

  • Teach My Baby Learning Kit

  • Busy Poppin’ Pals (Playskool)

  • Caterpillar Play Gym (Baby Einstein)

3 — 5 Years

  • Spot it Jr—Animals

  • LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet

  • Bowling Friends (Melissa & Doug)

  • Lego® Duplo®

  • Grow to Pro Tee Ball Set (Fisher Price) Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

  • Picture Dominoes

  • Stacking Peg Board Set

  • I Spy Ready To Read game

  • Imaginets (Mindware)

6 – 8 Years

  • Rush Hour Jr. (Think Fun)

  • Sturdy Birdy Balance Game

  • Ring Toss

  • Perfection game

  • ThinkFun S’Match

  • Spot It! Game

  • Educational Insights Kanoodle

  • Marble Runs

  • Magnetic Building Construction Set

  • Suspend Junior game (Melissa & Doug)

  • The Robot Face Race Game

  • Osmo Genius Kit (app)

9 – 14 Years

  • Rush Hour (Think Fun)

  • Jazminton Paddle Game

  • VisualEyes (Buffalo Games)

  • Hasbro Cuponk

  • Perplexus Original

  • Set: Family Game of Visual Perception

  • Ladder Ball Set

  • Blink – The World’s Fastest Game

  • Suspend game (Melissa & Doug)

  • Franklin Sports Bean Bag Toss

  • LoopzTM games

  • Osmo Genius Kit (app)

Here is our Toy List 2019 LINKS in downloadable .pdf format with links included to make shopping easy!

We wish all of our patients and their families a safe and happy holiday season.

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