Neurolens Technology is Reducing Symptoms Like Headaches, Eye Fatigue, Double Vision in Patients of All Ages

Do you have any of these symptoms?

If you are suffering from headaches, sore neck, dizziness, or tired eyes after using the computer or doing near work like reading, you may be suffering from Digital Eye Strain, Convergence Insufficiency or other forms of Eye Misalignment.  Symptoms of a stressed visual system include:

  • Eye fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Blurred vision

  • Dry eyes

  • Double vision

Sometimes this strain on the visual system creates a strain elsewhere in the body or creates behaviors to relieve the strain. These secondary symptoms can include:

  • Neck & shoulder pain

  • Jaw Pain

  • Difficulty reading

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Squinting, rubbing, or closing one eye


Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain can develop for many reasons but typically is due to how people use their digital devices. Poor posture, looking at devices from ineffective distances, and not blinking enough contribute to Digital Eye Strain.  Treatment for Digital Eye Strain focuses on prevention through the changing how you view your computer, how often you take breaks, and adjusting your work environment.

However, there is an often-overlooked reason why patients have headaches and feel sore after using the computer or reading and it could be that the eyes are misaligned. These misalignments need treatment to reduce these symptoms, and Neurolens can help.


What is a Misalignment of the Eyes?

A misalignment of your eyes can come in many forms, the most common is Convergence Insufficiency which affects 8% of the population.  Convergence Insufficiency is a condition where your eyes cannot effectively work together when looking at a near object.  When the eyes are brought inward to view a near object it is stressful and one eye gives up and floats away from the target.  The strain can make reading and concentration difficult sometimes leading to blurred or double vision. 


How can Eye Misalignment create these other symptoms not in the eyes?


Headaches, pain, and other symptoms come when the eyes are stressed, like in Convergence Insufficiency.  The stress travels down the large nerve near the eyes, called the Trigeminal Nerve, and the nerve becomes overstimulated.  The overstimulation of this nerve is known as Trigeminal Dysphoria.  The nerve gets irritated and sends pain signals throughout its branches reaching from the neck to the jaw to the forehead. 


New Neurolens® technology Available at Clarendon Vision

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you are not alone.  Digital Eye Strain and Eye Misalignment are common problems, but strangely relief can be hard to find. Luckily, your optometrist can help with new lens technology called Neurolens®.  Eye Strain and Eye Misalignment don’t have to mean constant discomfort and disruption of your daily life. If you struggle to get through the day due to symptoms that are difficult to control, you may benefit from this innovative technology.


What is Neurolens®?

Neurolens® is a specialized prescription lens featuring a customized, contoured prism to help relieve headaches, neck and shoulder pain, eye fatigue, dizziness and more. The use of Prism optics is nothing new for prescription lenses. However, contoured prisms like that in the Neurolens® allow for the unique pairing of an individual’s specific misalignment, whether they are nearsighted or farsighted.


What Are The Benefits of Neurolens ®?

Neurolens® treatment is effective, with 93% of patients reporting a reduction in their overall symptoms and 73% saying their symptoms were virtually gone after 90 days. If you don’t require a prescription for vision correction, these lenses can still help reduce the stress placed on your trigeminal nerve.


  • Minimizes headaches and eye strain

  • Reduces neck and shoulder pain as well as tension

  • Minimizes dry eyes and eye irritation

  • Generally, it limits the symptoms of eye strain from screens or digital media

  • Treats chronic headaches and other ailments related to up-close or detailed work or reading

  • Works on near-sighted patients, far-sighted patients, and patients who don’t require refractive lenses

  • Offers a money-back-guarantee for 100% client satisfaction


Over 65% of Americans experience headaches, pain, and fatigue when completing close-up work like reading.  As one of select optometry offices in the area that offers Neurolens®, Clarendon Vision Development Center doctors are specialists in diagnosing visual misalignment and use Neurolens diagnostic testing to help determine if the lens is right for patients.


To schedule an appointment to receive a Neurolens diagnostic and find out if Neurolens can reduce your painful symptoms, call us at 630-323-7300 or schedule your appointment online.

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