Holiday Gift Ideas from Clarendon Vision

Holiday Gift Ideas from Clarendon Vision

Holiday Gift Ideas from Clarendon Vision

Whatever holidays you may celebrate, Clarendon Vision has some ideas for vision-related gifts for everyone on your list.

For children, how about some toys that help develop vision and vision-related skills? There are a wide variety of toys that can do this, and you may be surprised that many perennial kid favorites are on these lists! One quick suggestion – be sure to choose toys appropriate for a child’s developmental age, which isn’t always the same as their chronological age.

If you are concerned about a functional vision problem and want to choose toys to reinforce what your child is working on in vision therapy, be sure to ask their Vision Therapist for specific suggestions based on their plan of care.

Here are some of our Vision Therapists’ favorite toys:

  • LEGO or other building toys (e.g., K’NEX, Lincoln logs, tinker toys.) Toys like this require good eye coordination to judge distance, visual discrimination to select a piece from a pile of other pieces, and the fine motor skills to put two pieces together. Plus they’re great for open-ended play and creativity!

  • Origami sets, Pegboards, and Bead Stringing – these activities are great for fine motor work as well as visual-motor integration.

  • Art supplies like stencils, dot-to-dot, finger paints, modeling clay, play doh and more are also good for fine motor skill development and visual-motor integration.

  • Operation, Flippin’ Frogs, KerPlunk, Jenga help children develop depth perception and hand-eye coordination. These toys are close range.

  • Bowling Zombies, toss across (tic-tac-toe), Velcro dart games, Elefun, Oball, and many ball-based games are great for longer-range depth perception and hand-eye coordination.

  • Battleship, Labyrinth, Tangrams, Mancala, Amaze, Math Dice, Qwirkle, Blokus, Rush Hour and more are great at developing visual perception skills like visual memory, visual discrimination, pattern recognition, and more. These visual skills play a big role in academic subjects including math, spelling, and reading.

  • Twister, Heads Up, Hoppity Hop, Jump Ropes, Sit and Spin are all helpful in bigger muscle gross-motor skill development including bilateral coordination.

How about for the adults on your shopping list?
Eye vitamins by Nordic Naturals – This company has been making high quality supplements since 1995. They prioritize the quality of ingredients as well as their impact on the environment. We’re proud to carry the Omega Vision supplement, packed with 1460 mgs of total omega-3s; 20 mg lutein, and 4 mg zeaxanthin. Per the Nordic Naturals website:

“Set the stage for long-term eye health with Omega Vision™.* This concentrated formula offers a solid serving of omega-3 DHA to benefit the very place that this essential fat is found in greatest concentration—the eyes. Combining DHA with FloraGLO Lutein and zeaxanthin, it promotes healthy long-term vision while also offering potent antioxidant support.*”

Read more about the company and the other products they offer including supplements for children at If you needed more reasons to consider this brand, consider this:

“Nordic Naturals fish oils are Friend of the Sea (FOS) certified and sustainably made in a zero waste facility powered by biofuel.”

Maui Jim Sunglasses are a wonderful gift for any person on your list. Protecting your eyes from UV rays should be on everyone’s radar screen for health and wellness. Maui Jim sunglasses are polarized which not only reduces glare, but also helps amplify color and increase visual acuity. We have a variety of fashionable styles for men and women. These sunglasses are great for running, biking, golf, fishing, driving, and bringing children to vision therapy appointments! We have a variety of styles in stock and can order even more. Maui Jim sunglasses can be ordered with or without prescription lenses. Come in to see our choices and order a pair for yourself or a loved one soon!​​​​​​​

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