Help Us Welcome Dr. Cumings to Clarendon Vision

Help Us Welcome Dr. Cumings to Clarendon Vision

Clarendon Vision is excited to welcome Dr. Amber Cumings to the Clarendon Vision Family. Dr. Cumings brings to our practice a deep passion for working with children and adults on vision related issues, particularly around neuro-optometric rehabilitation. She also specializes in pediatrics and vision therapy. She completed a residency on these important topics with the nationally-recognized optometrist, Dr. Curtis Baxstrom.

Dr. Cumings is excited to share her expertise with Clarendon Vision patients. She’s particularly passionate about supporting those with brain injuries such as concussion and stroke. She says, “Many people don’t realize how an optometrist can help alleviate visual symptoms related to traumatic brain injury.” She goes on to add, “My practice goal is to offer assistance to people of all ages (infancy through adulthood) with binocular vision dysfunction. I look forward to offering my services to anyone who suffers from visual symptoms that negatively impact their everyday life.”

To help welcome Dr. Cumings to the Clarendon Vision community, we’re offering a back-to-school special. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Cumings (for students up to 17 years old) before September 15thand receive a $25 Target gift card to use on school supplies.*

Dr. Cumings sees patients on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Book an appointment today and get $25 to help with your back-to-school expenses!

*Offer cannot be combined with insurance. Call for details.

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