Allergies, Dry Eyes, and Eye Health

Allergies, Dry Eyes, and Eye Health

Pollen lands in waves this time of year. Is your family suffering from allergy symptoms that affect eyes or vision?

Watering eyes, itching eyes, sneezing and congestion can make the great outdoors miserable for allergy sufferers.

Pollen tends to be the source of much misery for humans. Pollen is how trees and plants reproduce, and they go a little bonkers in the spring putting out a powdery substance that helps make new trees and plants. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology has some great tips for learning about what substances you might be allergic to and reducing symptoms.

If allergies are impacting your child’s eyes, they may not be able to enjoy outdoor activities. Eye allergy symptoms like watering, itching, and redness may extend into other activities children engage in like reading and playing sports.

Dry Eyes:
Another issue that can impact eyes and vision is dry eye syndrome. The symptoms can be very similar to allergy symptoms and including burning, gritty feeling, and redness. There are many possible causes of dry eye syndrome. People who heavily use computers or screens (including smartphones!) can suffer from dry eye syndrome. Remember our recent post about how people generally blink less often when using computers or screens? In addition to use of screens, age and some medical conditions or medications used to treat medical conditions can cause dry eyes.

As the seasons change and more indoor air conditioning and fans are used to keep indoor environments cool, some dry eye sufferers find their condition worsening. All that work we do to stay cool can sometimes worsen eye issues. Dry eyes can be really uncomfortable for those suffering with symptoms. A comprehensive eye exam can help identify causes and solutions for dry eye sufferers. There are solutions for all types of dry eye problems, including contact lens options.

Is it Dry Eyes or Allergies?
Sometimes allergies or the medications to treat them can cause or aggravate dry eyes. Some people get dry eye syndrome without allergies. Itching tends to indicate allergies, where burning and gritty feelings tend to indicate dry eye syndrome. Your optometrist is the best person to help you evaluate what is going on.

If allergies or dry eyes are causing your family grief, make an appointment today for a comprehensive eye exam. During this important annual vision exam, the optometrist will review any issues or concerns and talk about options to relieve these common eye problems. Your family doesn’t need to sneeze, sniffle, and itch their way through allergy season or suffer with the burning and gritty feeling of dry eyes. Call us to make an appointment today!

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