Amblyopia Treatment

Amblyopia is a neuro-developmental disorder of binocular vision and is the most common form of reversible blindness. The condition of amblyopia results in a loss of visual function involving reduced eye sight in one eye, loss of depth perception, delays in visual information processing, visual-motor coordination and can have numerous quality of life consequences.

Historically, Amblyopia treatment has been limited to occlusion therapy, or patching and Atropine eye drops. However, as most doctors know, patient compliance is poor because of the many negative side effects of patching and Atropine. Patching can also cause strained relationships in the family because of the parental battles to get the child to comply with wearing the eye patch.

A child can have trouble with social interaction and bullying due to forced patching. Kids just don’t want to wear their eye patch because it impacts their quality of life and atropine drops can cause light sensitivity and disorientation.

​​​​​​​At Clarendon Vision Development Center​​​​​​​, we provide research-based advanced amblyopia vision therapy that is emphasizes binocular vision and visual information processing development in the office by the doctor and trained vision therapist along with guidance in home activities. There are no negative side effects since our treatment is engaging and eye patching has a minimal role. As a result, our patients gain significantly faster and better results, including restoration of sight, depth perception, visual processing abilities and eye hand coordination.

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