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The right vision evaluation and treatment makes all the difference. As a Developmental Optometry Practice​​​​​​​, we are fully focused on helping you or your family overcome any hurdles caused by visual deficiencies.

Beyond Eyesight

Vision is more than seeing with your eyes. Vision also happens in the brain. In fact, it is your dominant sense.

Quality of Life

Your visual system impacts how you perform, feel, behave, and interact with the world around you.

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The Clarendon Vision experience reflects our commitment to clinical excellence.

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Explore our fully functional vision therapy and rehabilitation center plus our latest technology.

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Understand if your symptoms are related to a functional vision problem.

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A multi-disciplinary approach to vision care cannot be achieved without professional partner collaboration.

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    Our Team

    Monika Spokas, OD

    Dr. Monika Spokas, founder of Clarendon Vision Development Center in Westmont, IL, fell in love with pediatrics and vision therapy in optometry school. She understood that this, combined with her passion, gave her the key to make a positive impact on the trajectory of others’ lives. In her 20 years of serving Chicagoland, Dr. Spokas built a team of like-minded professionals looking to put the patient first.

    “Our team loves what we do. It is our vocation. It is our passion. The opportunity to improve the lives of our patients and their families is the core of who we are.”


    Dr. Cumings is highly regarded by our patients who have complex visual needs, regularly noting that Dr. Cumings identified the right diagnosis and treatment that has provided the often long-awaited relief they needed.


    When examining her primary eyecare patients, Dr. Malone enjoys uncovering and treating binocular difficulties often overlooked by other primary care providers.

    Patient Liaison, Vision Therapy and Myopia Management Counselor

    Marzenka supports our patients and their families throughout their program of care at Clarendon Vision Development Center.

    Vision Therapist

    Vanessa has the agility to adjust her therapy sessions based on a patient’s needs, while also making the experience fun and engaging.

    Vision Therapy Department Head/Vision Therapist

    Adriann pulls from her passion and experience in teaching and working with children to build and maintain meaningful relationships and help set meaningful goals for her patients.

    Vision Therapist

    Miriam joined Clarendon Vision Development Center as a Vision Therapist to further her passion for helping people and working with children.

    Vision Therapist

    Jordyn is passionate about her role as a vision therapist at Clarendon Vision because she says, “seeing and being a part of the patient's progression leading up the final goal is priceless.”

    Vision Therapist

    Airyanna’s experience in early childhood education and play-based learning shines in her energy and ability to connect with even our youngest patients.

    Medical Receptionist/Optical Assistant

    Linda leverages her compassion for people of all ages and her sunny disposition while interacting with patients.

    Medical Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

    Always with a smile, Amanda goes above and beyond to assist every patient.


    Rita’s main goal is for patients to receive the best quality care and service.


    If you have the opportunity to work with Abasi as your optical consultant, be ready for top-notch, tailored service (coupled with some good entertaining conversation).

    Optometric Technician

    Merideth is patient-focused and dedicated to make every patient feel comfortable and satisfied throughout their experience here.

    Practice Manager

    Samira joined the Clarendon Vision team as our Practice Manager, bringing 20 years of professional experience in the medical field of which 13 years was in optometry management and strategic operations.

    We Get Results, Together

    Success Stories

    ​​​​​​​A patient’s success can be the best word of advice. Here are some of ours.

    A Child's Thought

    What do our youngest patients say after completing treatment?

    Videos Worth Watching

    From our patient success stories to the best informational reels about developmental optometry.

    Our Blog

    Read the latest news, articles, and perspective on all things vision.

    March 17, 2023
    How Can Vision Therapy Help People With Dyslexia?

    Dyslexia is a complicated condition affecting how the brain interprets and processes information. It can impact the patient’s writing and reading skills. It can also cause hardships with their concentration in loud environments and prioritizing. This is also true for organizational abilities and planning. For this reason, dyslexic patients often experience various academic challenges.

    February 7, 2023
    InfantSEE® Vision Exam: Here's What to Expect

    Did you know that a basic vision screening can miss up to one-third of children with a vision or eye disorder? Untreated and undetected eye disorders like strabismus and amblyopia can become learning barriers. They result in poor reading habits and dismal outcomes in school. A comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor can help identify these conditions early.

    February 1, 2023
    Understanding Advanced Amblyopia Treatment Options

    Lazy eye or amblyopia is a neuro-developmental eye condition that starts early in life. It may also occur due to an injury to the brain or a neurological condition. Amblyopia causes minimized eyesight in one eye despite having prescription eyewear.

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