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Welcome to our professional partner’s page. We are glad you are here and hope you find these tools helpful in your practice or classroom.

If you have any questions, contact us. If you would like to speak to Dr. Monika Spokas or Dr. Amber Cumings, FAAO about a specific patient, call (630) 323-7300.

In-Service Presentation Topics

Dr. Spokas and Dr. Cumings are conducting free in-service presentations with educational topics for professionals in optometry, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vestibular therapy, education and more. To schedule, contact Marzenka at

Vision and Learning
Screening Tool

Use this one-page questionnaire to screen your school-age patients to determine if they have a functional vision challenge.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction
Screening Tool

Use this two-page questionnaire to screen your adult patients and determine if their symptoms (i.e. headaches, dizziness, nausea while driving) are related to an eye misalignment. Can also be used for patients who have suffered a concussion or TBI.

Vision Screening used in the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Use this one-page questionnaire to screen your patients with visual symptoms highly associated with ASD.

Myopia Risk Factor Screening for Children

Use this one-page questionnaire to screen your patients for risk of myopia onset and progression. If you are an Optometrist interested in Myopia co-management, contact or (630) 323-7300, option 3.

Patient Referral Form

If you’ve identified a patient that can benefit from a specialty vision exam, here is quick access to our referral form.

Patient Teacher Questionnaire

For teachers and educators, complete this questionnaire for students under the care of Clarendon Vision Development Center. If the student has multiple teachers, please complete one form per teacher.

Patient Case Article

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve Head Tilt in Pediatric Torticollis Patients with the Use of Prism Glasses, cowritten by Clarendon Vision’s Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Amber Cumings, FAAO and Pediatric Physical Therapist, Carla Pister, PT.

Games and Activities to Promote Vision Development

Our doctors rounded up the best activities that promote vision development. Incorporate them into your practice, classroom, or family time.

Our Blog

Read the latest news, articles, and perspective on all things vision.

April 10, 2023
Improve Vision After a Concussion With Neuro-optometric Intervention

Concussions are serious injuries and about 90 percent of the time, people suffer from vision problems after sustaining one. A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury that sometimes presents persistent symptoms. The vision impairment symptoms that persist are collectively called post-trauma vision syndrome (PTVS).

March 29, 2023
Constantly Feeling Dizzy? It Could Be Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Generally, dizziness is not a problem to ignore. It is a symptom that can stem from many different health conditions, ranging from a cardiac or neurological issue to a vision or inner ear disorder. Depending on the root of the problem, people do not experience dizziness the same way. Usually, dizziness resulting from binocular vision dysfunction does not cause the feeling that the room is spinning. Instead, you may feel unbalanced, and a headache may accompany your dizziness. A comprehensive functional eye exam is necessary to determine whether you have BVD. 

March 24, 2023
7 Signs Your Child Needs Vision Therapy

According to a survey by the American Optometric Association, about 25 percent of children in school have vision problems. These are staggering numbers because we know children learn most through observation. All these children have a poorer academic life than their counterparts.

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