Advanced Clinic

Specialized eyecare solutions backed by the latest treatment and technology.

Our proven treatment methods are supported by a state-of-the art clinic that is equipped for our doctors and clinical team to diagnose and treat across 40 vision skills, including the most complex cases.

​​​​​​​Patients benefit from the latest exam and lens technology as well as in-person and technology-aided therapy, all key to our specialized care and to life-long results for patients.

advanced clinic

Exam Technology

Advanced Glaucoma Testing

  • Gentle eye pressure checker that doesn’t puff air into the eyes.

  • Especially suitable for children.

Wide Field Fundus Photography

  • Advanced imaging for the assessment, treatment, and management of retinal diseases.

  • Often replaces the need for dilation.

Axial Length Measurement

  • Advanced technology for measuring the length of the eye to monitor for progressive myopia.


  • Advanced imaging of the surface of the eye to determine the efficacy of optical treatment options such as orthokeratology.


  • Eye-tracking technology that assesses eye movements during reading on digital devices.

Treatment Technology

Sanet Vision Integration Technology

  • A large touch-screen TV with vision therapy exercises that improve eye tracking and movements, along with improving reaction speed.

VTS 4 3D Technology

  • Advanced vision therapy program that utilizes 3D glasses to improve binocularity and eye movement skills.

Vivid Vision Training Technology

  • Virtual reality unit that helps improve visual acuity, depth perception, binocularity, and eye movements.

Syntonics Light Therapy

  • Use of a unique series of selected light frequencies (colors) to balance the autonomic nervous system to enhance the use of functional vision.

Advanced Lens Technology

  • Our doctors and optical team specialize in offering the most advanced lens prescriptions using Prism, tints, filters, Shaw lens technology, lenses for myopia control and more. Learn more.


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